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    This better be my cake

    This is an awesome idea. Although I’d also be tempted to make all the lesser rings of power as a batch of cupcakes, and give them to my friends. 

    But they would be all of them decieved, for another cupcake would be made. 

    In my apartment, in the fires of my oven, I will bake in secret a Master Cupcake to control all the others. And into this cupcake I will pour my flour, my sugar, and my will to dominate all confections. 

    Reblogging again for commentary.

    The comments!

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  2. After I view a document in Word.


    Scariest moment! I get way too paranoid because of it

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  5. I love when things like this happen.

  6. thedailywhat:

    Tee of the Day:GandALF” by Sergio37.

    Is it too late to go back in time and remake the LotR trilogy?

    (TeeFury Alert: One day only!)


    A big frown has fallen across my face.