1. I got some business cards for some reason! Maybe someone will actually want me photograph them. (Ha. Hahahahahahanevergonnahappen.) #businesscardsforabusinesslady #itsbusinesstime #letsgetdowntobusinesstodefeatsthehuns #nevergonnaneedthese

  2. Thid was a comment on an article about the women Dr. Dre has beaten. Real nice guy right.

  4. johnvsalvino:

    From now until Sunday, September 21st, you can get free shipping on all orders from my inprnt store!

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  5. johnvsalvino:

    Here are some live commissions I did while at Baltimore Comic-Con and J1Con. 

    Korn from Warhammer, Dark Phoenix, Dio from Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, Gin Ichimaru from Bleach, Someone’s daughter as Halloween Girl from the Nocturnals, Vampirella, a woman who wanted herself drawn as an X-Men team member, and a very nice kid who wanted himself drawn as Deadpool. 

    Not pictured: Winx Club, and Mon-El commissions. 

    John is awesome.

  6. This is the only other cosplay picture I got at J1Con, but that’s okay because this was the best one anyway.
    #j1con #cosplay #pikachu #thepurge #thepurgeanarchy #pokemon #purgelist #hilarious

  7. We’re leaving for J1con now! If you see me in the dealers room/artist alley say hi! I might have candy people for you.
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  8. I got a Wolverine mask at Good Will because I needed it.
    #iamthewolverine #xmen #me #wolverine #logan

  9. Hmm…this wasn’t the shade of pink advertised on the bottle. It definitely made it look like a pastel pink. Now my hair looks like a bad Halloween wig. Whatever, I’m still fly I guess maybe.
    #lies #pinkhair #me #betterfadenicely

  10. Last bit from Baltimore Comic-Con. (I told you I didn’t have much!)
    johnvsalvino is pictured above, doing some great commission work for happy customers. That little kid was so cute. He wanted himself drawn as Deadpool.
    If you see yourself let me know so I can credit you!